John Schwartz
Tony and his workers were strongly recommended by a long-time real estate agent we worked with, and he was 100% right, They were Great! They arrived promptly as promised, carried and wrapped each piece of furniture carefully in a moving blanket AND tightly wound in plastic wrap(!) then drove 2.5 hrs. to our home in Washington DC where they cheerfully helped my wife and I figure out the best way to take apart a huge headboard that wouldn't fit up our stairs! But we did it, and Tony and his crew did a Great job of working with us, spending hours making sure everything was right, with absolute professionalism and great attitude throughout. Considering the distance, time and work involved, Brookes Moving and Hauling is an excellent value, and best of all, reliable and Expert at moving. Over the years I've moved enough to have seen both good and bad, and Brookes was the best yet.